Tentative TMS Program (Research, Writing, and Editing)

Friday morning after opening, Keynote address:

David Hackett, PhD (Author of: That Religion in Which All Men Agree: Freemasonry in American Culture)
– Topic related to accessing academic research by the non-academic (TBD)

Friday morning, TMS session 1 – “Masonic Research – re dux”

Chair: José Dìaz, Ph.D., Ohio State University

• Presenters: José Dìaz, Ph.D. and Michael Halleran, PGM GLKS (Topic Pending)

Friday afternoon, TMS session 2 – “Accessing and Using Research Tools”

Chair: Greg Knott, University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign)

• Cherie’ Weibel, University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) – “How to Obtain Original Source Materials”

• JoAnn Jacoby, University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) – “How to Use an Academic Library”

• Shawn Eyer, George Washington Masonic National Memorial – “Critical Reading in Masonic Literature”

Saturday, Writing and Editing

Saturday morning, TMS session 3 – “Communicating your research”

Chair: Andrew Hammer, Grand Lodge of Virginia

• Michael D. Clevenger, GLOH – “Presentation Tools and Styles”

• Michael Poll, GLLA – “On Demand Printing”

• Todd Creason, GLIL – “Masonic Blogging: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”

• Andrew Hammer, GLVA – “Publishing Options and Opportunities”

Saturday afternoon, TMS session 4 – “QP Masonic Style Guide Review”

Chair: Kenneth W. Davis, Ph.D., Grand Lodge of New Mexico

• Kenneth Davis, Ph.D. and Brent Morris, Ph.D. – Work on a consistent style guide for US Masonic publishers, editors, and writers began at the first Quarry Project conference, in 2013. Since then, through the efforts of many contributors, the first edition of the Quarry Project Style Guide has been published

This session will cover the guide’s purpose, development, content, use, adoptions, and supplements.

Saturday afternoon, roundtable

A discussion on a topic related to Masonic publishing and public relations. This will feature editors of prominent Masonic publications.

Saturday evening, banquet – John Bizzack, Ph.D. (Author of: Discovering Freemasonry in Context: The Laboratory of Moral Science) Working Title: “The Perils and Consequences Associated with Poor Research Practices”